Crime Scene​ Courses

December 11-14, 2019

Digital Photography for Law Enforcement

Casa Grande Police Department

Casa Grande, AZ

Currently in-house only

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Attendees will be taught a comprehensive overview of crime scene documentation and processing. The course covers a wide variety of topics from evidence recognition, collection and packaging as well as more advanced aspects of analysis such the importance of bloodstain patterns and shooting trajectory. Current methods to enhance blood and latent print evidence will also be demonstrated. A holistic approach of crime scene processing is stressed and all crime scene investigators will walk away with an understanding of each function within the scene. Every portion of instruction will be followed with a hands-on practical exercise to demonstrate a student’s ability. Crime Scene Processing is a 40 hour course and has been approved by the IAI for course hour credit.

This class can be tailored to the needs of your agency. Full Digital SLR photography course can be incorporated into Crime Scene Processing which can be scheduled from 8 days up to and including a full 2 week (80 hour) course. Students will focus on the functions of a digital SLR camera including evidence photography, night photography, proper images to submit to AFIS, and correct scene documentation for court purposes. Each crime scene function will be followed with camera documentation instruction.  

Attendees of combination course are required to bring camera kit including:

Š A Digital SLR Camera , separate flash unit, Šmemory card, Š tripod Š & instruction manuals for the camera.