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​​​Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

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Salt Lake City Police Department

Salt Lake City, UT

October 18 - 22, 2021


Rohnert Park Police Department 
Rohnert Park, CA
April 18-22, 2022



Hamilton Township Police Department 

Maineville, OH

May 9-13, 2022


Libra Forensic Consulting offers both a  Bloodstain Pattern Analysis I and Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Course. These courses are designed for any detective, investigator or technician involved in criminal or forensic investigations. They will allow the student to demonstrate a knowledge of the terminology, history, science and mathematics surrounding bloodstain pattern analysis. 

Basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis


The objectives of this course meets the requirements of the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (IABPA) for anyone pursuing certification in the field.  

 - Demonstrate knowledge of the development & history of bloodstain pattern analysis

- Demonstrate understanding of the limitations of BPA

- Identify proper and improper protective measures to follow in a scene

 - Recognize both spatter and non spatter bloodstain patterns

 - Determine impact angles, area of convergence and origin for impact      spatter patterns

 - Demonstrate the ability to document bloodstains and bloodstain patterns for courtroom purposes

 - Demonstrate the ability to recognize patterns and describe them with correct terminology

Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis


PREREQUISITE: 40 hour BPA I Course 

​- Describe complex pattern recognition and demonstrate the ability to recognize the uncertainties within bloodstain pattern analysis
- Understand the differences between Daubert and Frye  standards. 
- Describe wound pathology and injuries related to bloodletting events.
- Demonstrate the ability to apply the scientific method to an analysis.
- Demonstrate the ability to examine bloodstain patterns on clothing through note taking, photographs and charting. 
- Demonstrate the ability to utilize micro and IR photography
- Demonstrate the ability to recognize the limits of bloodstain pattern analysis in regards to sequencing patterns. 
- Demonstrate the ability to present pattern conclusions in a report format. 
- Demonstrate the ability to answer court related questions related to bloodstain pattern expertise. 

Hamilton, OH BPA
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