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​Crime Scene Consultant

About Melissa Fernandez...

Libra Forensic Consulting, LLC was established in 2015 by Ret. Captain Melissa Fernandez of the Union County Sheriff's Office, NJ. Melissa spent 18 years in the Crime Scene Unit from officer all the way to Unit Commander. She is certified by the IAI as both a Crime Scene Analyst and a Bloodstain Pattern Examiner. The retired captain also spent 13 of those years instructing various police academies on topics such as crime scene processing, bloodstain pattern analysis and digital photography. 

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Ret. Capt. Fernandez is a member of the International Association of Identification, the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and the  Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction where she served as a board member and currently sits as President-Elect and Membership Chairman. In 2005, Melissa  graduated from the National Forensic Academy and received the honor of the Dr. William Bass  Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Forensic Investigation. 

​ forensic consulting crime scene reconstruction crime scene consultant

In the private sector, she continues instructing and  providing expert case analysis with integrity