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40 hr. course intended to develop knowledge of BPA. Recognition, Documentation, Reconstruction & Analysis of bloodstains.

Basic BPA Course

Basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Englert Forensic Consultants specializes in crime scene reconstruction, officer involved shootings, homicides, suspicious deaths, bloodstain pattern analysis, bullet trajectories, and ballistics in both civil and criminal proceedings.

"Exceeded my expectations. Content presented was both interesting and useful. The best class I have attended in some time. "

Forensics for Investigators


Never a cost to host and 2 free slots for your agency per 10 registered attendees. 


Unique course designed specifically for investigators and detectives assigned to major crimes. This 3 day course will develop analysis skills  and apply them to  all aspects of the investigation. 
3 day Forensics for Investigators

"This was a great course. The combination of photography and crime scene processing is good because they go hand in hand. The instructor is very knowledgeable in her field and brought a lot of real life experience."

Comprehensive course for the beginner to intermediate CSI. Every concept taught will be followed with hands-on demonstrations.
40 or 80 hr. Crime Scene Course

All of your forensic needs in one place.

Courses are NV POST Approved

crime scene training

Libra Forensic Consulting, LLC is an innovative forensic company that can accommodate any of your forensic needs. Whether for basic crime scene training, digital photography or bloodstain pattern analysis, we assure  your course will be taught with enthusiasm and expertise. If it is case consultation you are seeking, LFC in conjunction with Englert Forensic Consultants will review your case with fairness and justice in mind. At Libra, we pride ourselves on our experience and dedication. Thank you for considering us for your crime scene training or forensic consultation.

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New courses scheduled for July-December 2017 

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"Within two hours of the first day, I was able to identify things I had done wrong at prior crime scenes, and had learned what to do to correct them."

Crime Scene 40 or 80 hr. course